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days go by

and still I think of you

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days go by and still I think of you
days when I couldn't live my life without you
- Days Go By - Dirty Vegas

In 2006, Joseph Pascual created another Livejournal- he already had two- because the photos he had started to take began to interrupt his journal entries. Otherjoseph was the result, and just like how photography interrupted his words, otherjoseph interrupted Joseph Pascual's life.

Days go by. Maybe weeks, sometimes months. Years almost pass.

But on random, strange nights when he can't sleep, he goes through the imagery of his interruptions, and the words form again, interspersing the photos of the brightest, the darkest, the best times his life has ever had, with the best friends who caused or shared them, and he remembers. Many times, without him knowing, he goes through the imagery of the last times.

Stories tend to be told in so many ways. They can be spoken, or announced- shared, or whispered. On otherjoseph, Joseph Pascual is an old man, somewhere else, sitting crosslegged in front of a fire at night, remembering. He is other things elsewhere. But here, Joseph Pascual is this.

It's the nature of time to pass, but time is everything. People exist because there's time for them to grow. Mountains rise, seas fall, and continents and the life inhabiting them drift because there is time for these things to happen. 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth was formed, just 8.5 billion years after the universe that holds it.

In 1988, Joseph Pascual was born. Somewhere around 1993, his memories began to form.

In 2006, Joseph Pascual wanted to remember something. To this day, he does so, here.



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