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4/30-5/3/2015; LaBoracay 2015 for Esquire Philippines - days go by — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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4/30-5/3/2015; LaBoracay 2015 for Esquire Philippines [May. 2nd, 2016 | 02:11 am]
1024px IMG_0006

I have a story about a fiesta. It's named differently from the Sinulogs and Ati-Atihans. As for the story, one year has passed, and it has changed.

But names do not.

The fiesta's name is LaBoracay.

Here is the story.

1024px IMG_0008

1024px IMG_0015

1024px IMG_0059

1024px IMG_0133

1024px IMG_0157

1024px IMG_0197

1024px IMG_0238

1024px IMG_0303

1024px IMG_0309

1024px IMG_0291

1024px IMG_0326

1024px IMG_0332

1024px IMG_0348

1024px IMG_0354

1024px IMG_0405

1024px IMG_0433

1024px IMG_0455

1025px IMG_0460

1024px IMG_0658 black

1024px IMG_0661 black

1024px IMG_0674

1024px IMG_0705

1024px IMG_0743

1024px IMG_0736

1024px IMG_0756

1024px IMG_0770

1024px IMG_0785
Esquire Philippines, 2015
photographs by Joseph Pascual
original article by Jerome Gomez

to Jerome, to BJ, and to David, for walking with me