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the best, the rest, and the last of 2015 - days go by — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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the best, the rest, and the last of 2015 [Jan. 1st, 2016 | 06:07 pm]
[Music |David Usher - Devil By My Side]

you opened me wide
'cause it's cold in here and it's warm outside

(There's this thing I do every January 1st: I reach out and try to feel the air in front of me, to see if it's any different from last year's. I could never tell. This ritual is mysteriously unhelpful.)

Memories are difficult things. I don't know why they keep changing, unless I keep revisiting the same ones with changing eyes.
It's probably that, because pictures have a habit of staying still. I just don't like the idea of changing.

Change is how my family got here, many decades ago. My grandmother occasionally reminisces about how they fled Japanese troops sometimes just one village behind them. They learned that rumours were best believed, just in case they were true. "All we ate was kamote," she says with a smile that softens her eyes.

Last August, the woman who helped my grandmother's family escape passed away. The Chinese are very specific with names. Names place us in families, by birth, by marriage, by generation. We called her Sa-i-ma, she was our third eldest great aunt from my grandmother's side. I didn't know what she did until that day.

1024px IMG_0244

In many ways, every wake and every funeral is the same if you are family. I want to tell you how it feels, to hear strangers calling you your father's son, and how you at once belong just because they believe you do.

1024px IMG_0273

Family is just people believing they are, and there are times when I doubt, and times when I believe.
This is my grandmother. She wears shades when it's especially bright, or when she's especially sad.

1024px IMG_0293

She cries quietly and quickly. Then something comes over her, and she stops.

1024px IMG_0295

I never knew Sa-i-ma, actually. She was the kind of distant relative you only see at weddings, or funerals. I think she beat me to it.

1024px IMG_0354

All I know is she helped us leave, and that she's the reason my grandmother doesn't just eat kamote anymore.

1024px IMG_0370

It felt strange to say hello while everyone said goodbye, but it was enough time.

1024px IMG_0379

1024px IMG_0381

It's nice seeing people reunited.

1024px IMG_0389

They have places to go, and so much to catch up on.

1024px IMG_0395

My own grandfather's parents were nearby, so we paid them a visit.

I have the haziest memories of my great grandmother. We visited her on Sundays when she was alive, and I remember the enormous wooden stairway to her room. She aways wore blue, or lavender. She passed away when I was three. It's all I remember.

1024px IMG_0407

Suddenly, it was September, and time for Rain to leave. We always knew the date he'd move. That night, I found out how something you're expecting can still surprise you.

1024px 1244byerain_hands

We spent the night doing everything we always do. There's a 7-Eleven in QC we particularly like, so we stayed there all night, and we talked, and forgot Rain was leaving.

1024px 1246byerain_handsagain

We remembered just in time. Then we hugged, said goodbye, and he left.

1024px 1247byerain_lastlook

The past three years have taught me that people enter and leave, and some of them stay. But there are those who disappear, and then visit unannounced.
Raymond is many things to many people I know and work with. To me, he's a friend.

1024px 0018CT_raymondflare

One afternoon, he surprised me by inviting me to lunch (he didn't eat anything).

1024px 0001konbini_wemeet

(He didn't eat anything.)(That bitch.)

1024px 0015konbini_FUDAM

Sometimes I think we're in a casual game of sabotage. But food is good, and food with a friend is better.

1024px 0005konbini_artshadow

There's this window of incredible afternoon light that lasts about fifteen minutes, shifting from 3pm to about 5, depending on the time of year.
I call it Nice Hour. Because right after it is Golden Hour, also known in the tropics as Golden Five Minutes.

1024px 0022lugang_justplants

You should know this about my friends and I: there is breakfast, and brunch, and lunch, and second lunch, and merienda, then coffee, and then dinner, with optional second dinner. Raymond and I had second lunch.

1024px 0029lugang_raymond

Places don't just gentrify on their own, so we did what we could.

1024px 0033lugang_XLB

Gentrification means good, expensive, unevenly hyped restaurants, coffee shops with lots of exposed wood, and more cars with drivers in them than parking space. Raymond and I may or may not condone this. I'm sorry.
For the record though, I drive. Manual.

1024px 0038lugang_XLBdeathof

Another thing you should know: time goes the exact opposite speed you wish for. Suddenly it was dark, and we went back to our generally separate, parallel lives. It's what I like about the new kind of friendship filtering into my days. I used to think friends talked everyday, saw each other constantly, liked the same things. This kind of friendship is built on insults and weeks of silence, interrupted by sudden, impenetrable hours of company.

1024px 0051lugang_nighttime

Many boundaries, both real and imagined, divide Manila. Some are real- Manila can flatten out into Quezon City almost instantly, within the space of two sidewalks. Others are more tenuous, anchored by landmarks; Guadalupe Bridge will tell you if you live in the North, or the South. What Guadalupe Bridge won't tell you is that you'll never cross it unless it's for work, and other irritating commitments.

One day, I crossed Guadalupe Bridge into the South. It was awful.

1024px 0222ayala_thecanyon

South and North people will find it hard to explain. Manila is a conurbation of cities and municipalities, the Devil's jigsaw puzzle. But some pieces are just too damn far. QC and Makati know this well.

1024px 0226ayala_bigbrother

An architecture lesson, or maybe I have stories to tell: clinging to the northern edge of Manila is the Chinese Cemetery. My grandfather's grandparents are buried here, resting in a mausoleum tucked into one of the cemetery's infinite corners. It's inaccurate to say that cemeteries never change. Cemeteries fill up with the past, and every new arrival pulls them nearly into the present. Every mausoleum is a moment in time- the oldest ones are humble and foreign, refusing to assimilate. Next are the ones built during the Glory Days, whenever they were (it changes depending on who you ask) (especially if they're dead). They are large, ornate statements of family pride in the face of death. Then comes everything else; these ones are modern and awful. Some have air conditioning.

This means I'm not quite sure when our family mausoleum was built.

1024px 0003chicem_angkong

We visit a week before All Saint's Day, when the cemetery is quiet- one week before we all remember the dead, and then go back to living. This is my grandfather. Every year he shrinks, but sharpens.

1024px 0010chicem_angkongleaving

My grandfather chose my grandmother because she was the prettiest one in the village. She chose him because even though he was short, he worked hard, and treated her like everything.

1024px 0023chicem_angkongamawait

Then, we went through Manila, through Quezon City, and skirted Makati, onto SLEX, and into Mordor, where my great-grandparents were. (Contrary to the stories from your childhood, there are places south of Makati. The misconception is that people live here. That is incorrect. People build houses here, and sleep here. Then, they flee at sunrise to live elsewhere.) (This is only an opinion.) (But I stand by it.)

The Chinese honour the dead by lighting incense, then wafting it four times.

1024px 0041mmemorial_descendants

Then, they kneel and bow four times as well.

1024px 0045mmemorial_placinghands

We do it according to our age. I never knew why.

1024px 0035mmemorial_amabows

But that's what family is.

1024px 0037mmemorial_angkongblur

My uncle rests a short walk down the road. He lived one day. We call him Di-pe, second-eldest.

1024px 0050mmemorial_dipe

I know they're resting. And I hope they are happy.

1024px 0064mmemorial_taikongtaima

Myself, I am either at the brink of death, or life, or both. Happiness is not what I feel when I go out. I feel relief.

1024px IMG_0068

We still go to Future, the only place in the entire world where I can dance.

1024px IMG_0071

Future my other friend. People come and go, but they always meet here. In some strange way, Future has been the litmus test of all my friendships. If you dance here, then you can be my friend. If you don't, then you can go to Makati.

1024px IMG_0073


1024px IMG_0074

Jamie and a friend.

1024px IMG_0081


1024px IMG_0091

A new friend.

1024px IMG_0092

I think Cubao is the functioning heart of the city, drawing people in, and sending them out to where they're really headed. Almost nobody lives here, but everyone passes through.
I can't imagine Future anywhere more perfect.

1024px IMG_0100

That night, Regina and David were spinning, and I took my place in front, where Regina usually is, and danced.

1024px IMG_0161

Outside, Santi and Mike. I love them both.

1024px IMG_0182

David has a boy. The boy is named Taja. I hope they love each other forever, the way love is supposed to be.

1024px IMG_0188

I love cold nights.

1024px IMG_0198

Austin. He runs Future with his siblings, and destroys it just right.

1024px IMG_0210

Mersi and Kristian. We dated, and he was kind, but I was not.

1024px IMG_0240

You never feel midnight come. But Mikee and Julianna feel it in their bones, and we leave Future for Molave.

1024px IMG_0262

The walls have heard everything, and I pray they never learn to speak.

1024px IMG_0265

Sometimes, rarely, I am awake in the morning. On this day, I went to Roy's place along Roxas Boulevard. It was grey, and in between taking some photos for him (I'm a photographer) (I'm good at it), we watched rain sweep over Manila Bay, then change its mind and do it again.

1024px 0075roxas_badkissblur

This is Christina. Some call her Badkiss. This is her son. I call him Spiderman.

1024px 0080roxas_mamasboy

Manila is full of lies, depending on where you look. This residential tower was built behind an old historical hotel. The hotel was demolished, so an identical residential tower could rise in its place. Sometimes, I hate this city.

1024px 0081roxas_anotherbuilding

You may have heard of the sunsets at Manila Bay.

1024px 0149roxas_alicealone

It's a fucking sunset. Get a grip.

1024px 0154roxas_aliceblur

I prefer what the sunsets give way to. We were on the helipad of Roy's condo. We watched another sunset. It was beautiful, just like the one tomorrow, and the day after. Then, night came, and we followed.

1024px 0175roxas_royedgefarther

Dusk has a color. I don't know what it's called, but I know what it feels like.

1024px 0179roxas_sunsetfocus

1024px 0182roxas_alicelooksout

1024px 0189roxas_roypacksup

1024px 0194roxas_aliceroytalk

Then, the streetlights went orange, and the streets filled with red.

1024px 0201roxas_alicesky

Some people wake up to sunrise. I think I wake up 12 hours later, just after sunset.

1024px 0203roxas_aliceroysky

We walked through Malate to have dinner at Suzhou, this Chinese restaurant that finally became so successful, it moved across the street, from a row of girly bars... and into the ground floor of a motel. Progress.

1024px 0216suzhou_roy

We ate rolled up, boiled, sliced pig ears.

1024px 0219suzhou_pigears

Century egg.

1024px 0224suzhou_centuryegg

And one of the last good mabo tofu dishes in the city. If you find good mabo tofu, please tell me. The last good one I had was in the 90s, in Ramen Tei, on Pasay Road. Nothing compares. Thankfully, I sometimes settle for less.

1024px 0231suzhou_mapotofu

This is what we didn't order.

1024px 0238suzhou_picturemenu

That funny thing happened again, where we talked for hours as things closed around us.

1024px 0240suzhou_usoutside

But Malate is Malate, and she keeps her own time.

1024px 0257malate_walking

City lights tint the temperature of a city. Tungsten lights make a city warm. Fluorescent lights turn a city cold. Tokyo is cold. Los Angeles is warm, but new lights are cooling it bit by bit. Manila- Manila doesn't do that. Manila changes at every other corner. Half of the lights don't work.

1024px 0260malate_fluorescentgreen

But that's why you walk together.

1024px 0266malate_together

9.8 billion pesos were spent for when Manila hosted the 2015 APEC summit. I don't see any of it anywhere.

1024px 0288malate_fireside

Slowly, you learn to go blind.

1024px 0293malate_someonehome

You learn that home is where you can open your eyes.

1024px 0295roysroom_royalice1

Home is where everyone's feet smells nice, even though they don't.

1024px 0305roysroom_royalice2

Home is home.

1024px 0307elevator_selfiewhy

I don't want to talk about Christmas.

1024px 0824house_them

But I hope yours was everything you hoped for.

1024px 0834house_thetwo

Yesterday, it was 2015.

1024px 0553bobbys_eksena

We huddled in Cubao Z, at Bobby's, and bid many things goodbye.

1024px 0555bobbys_roy

We did it surrounded by good furniture.

1024px 0561bobbys_furniture

Things get hazy after that.

1024px 0568bobbys_timandbob


1024px 0572bobbys_roylights


1024px 0576bobbys_bobbylights


1024px 0602bobbys_annabrucehi


1024px 0603bobbys_annabrucepass


1024px 0584bobbys_timfeels


1024px 0585bobbys_reggiephonelight


1024px 0589bobbys_annaeyo

Bobby in his well curated bathroom.

1024px 0609bobbys_partofhim

1024px 0616bobbys_egress

And then, it was time to leave.

1024px 0617bobbys_leaving

It was time to go to Future.
You may have your ideas about people who wear black. We're actually just lazy.

1024px 0624bobbys_bobatthedoor


1024px 0629txf_ziggy


1024px 0632txf_renchie

Miguel, who visited from his real life in the States, to return to his real love, his old life here.

1024px 0636txf_renchiemiguel

He would leave in a few hours, at 8 am, to go back. I miss him already.

1024px 0637txf_miguelnoeyes

Mei and Timmy. Sisters of questionable misters.

1024px 0638txf_meitimmy1

But, sisters.

1024px 0641txf_meitimmy2

Remember. The test is simple. Dance in Future.

1024px 0652txf_insidehome

Dance with us.

1024px 0656txf_eksena

That night, I heard Carly Rae Jepsen, and techno. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
RJ, Herminio, Chris, Remus, Mikes, and Kim.

1024px 0662txf_grouppic

I was gone for awhile, spending nights and weekends with fewer people, in quieter places. I guess I've been changing, but Future doesn't, and it's very patient.

1024px 0664txf_discoball


1024px 0670txf_arjay


1024px 0673txf_jjcounter

Sam, and the boys.

1024px 0675txf_waitingforit

Sam and Leah. I believe in them.

1024px 0678txf_samandleah


1024px 0682txf_thereitis

1024px 0690txf_fromhere


1024px 0700txf_sharla

A shard of Regina.

1024px 0707txf_regshard

1024px 0715txf_lightsandus

The dancefloor of Future is a kind of no man's land, filling and emptying and filling again. The thing about places like this is you fill it yourself. So we did.

1024px 0726txf_dancefloor

Outside, homosexuals.

1024px 0741txf_ziggyandcompany

Outside, one of the last nights of 2015.

1024px 0746txf_outside

I hope 2015 never comes back. I hope it gets lost on the way to history and dies.

1024px 0752txf_behindziggy

But before that, Rj, Rj, and Ziggy.

1024px 0776txf_rjandrj

Ruther and Paulo.

1024px 0778txf_rutherandpaulo

Miguel took me aside, and did a cleansing for me. Palo santo is wood, related to frankincense and myrrh. He drew my outline in its smoke.

1024px 0784txf_palosanto

I don't know if I felt nothing.

1024px 0786txf_palosantosmoke


1024px 0788txf_migueloncemore

New and old friends. Francis in the middle. Dino to his right.

1024px 0796txf_crowdedtruck


1024px 0807txf_jonathan

Charles, beside Mikes.

1024px 0810txf_mikesandcharles

Everyone. Smokes. Cigarettes.

1024px 0815txf_lightup

Alice and Dino.

1024px 0823txf_alicedinohide

I believe in them too.

1024px 0828txf_alicedinofire

Julianna. A rock and a pillar, pretending to be less. I love her.

1024px 0834txf_julianna

Everyone. Smokes. You get it.

1024px 0836txf_cigarettes

We were mostly silent as the night went on.
Bobby was spinning techno inside.

1024px 0837txf_carhoodreflection

Outside, us.
Julianna, Donesa, Rj, Karla, and Mikee.

1024px 0843txf_molavegirls

The greatest people you will ever meet. And also the worst.

1024px 0849txf_joelianna

Goodnight, 2015.

1024px 0851txf_juliannasigh

Take your things. And never come back.

Some faces become friends, and some friends become names. This is what makes forgetfulness so hard to describe. But it is one of the things I am best at.