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9/21/2015; til morning at Alice's - days go by — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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9/21/2015; til morning at Alice's [Oct. 11th, 2015 | 09:38 pm]
[Music |Sun Don't Shine (Nadastrom Remix) ft. Jaymes Young - Klangkarussell]

1024px 0124alices_lifeisacaravaggio 1024px 0203alices_notebook
1024px 0148alices_justcigarettesagain 1024px 0166alices_hellodavid

you have love in places I can't describe
I need you, it's the sunrise

I am a very forgetful person. My memory shifts between stretches of impenetrable haze, and shudders of absolute clarity. I misplace names, numbers, faces, people. It's why I take my photos- they're sometimes the only way to remember what we did, who we were, and what we were.

Photos don't ever tell me my present. They're always a story of my past, whether it was years back, last weekend, or just five minutes ago. There is no now-ness to my photography- why bother.

Everyone has now. Not everyone has a story.

1024px 0042alices_helloalice

One night, I was at Alice's, with David, Regina, Paul, and Bruce.

1024px 0055alices_groupwork

Regina and I had asked David what he wanted to do for the night. "Something!" he said. So we did something.
Alice is a prosthetic makeup artist. She's made zombies, amputated limbs, and disturbingly ordinary bananas. There were tongues and fingers lying around when we visited. Three years ago, she visited the country. For some reason (maybe because she's crazy) she never left.
Hello, Alice.

1024px 0100alices_alicecannot

It's an unofficial rule that we only see each other in the daytime for work or emergencies, neither of which happen often because we all don't work together, and are generally self-sufficient creatures.

1024px 0106alices_thatsregina

We also have a rule of being DIY about things, like rolling our own cigarettes (just Alice and David) and fetching our own goddamned water (all of us).

1024px 0109alices_rawlikewhatever

Some of us have a beer rule, which I find very cute.

1024px 0110alices_boringlegalshit

Where are you when nights last forever. I know where I am.

1024px 0124alices_lifeisacaravaggio

Hello Bruce!

1024px 0132alices_hellobruce

I am with friends, wherever they are. It's always warmer, softer. Many times they don't feel like friends, the way we act more like siblings.

1024px 0141alices_hellodavid

And I am so thankful.

1024px 0146alices_pietaparty

This is why we are family:
1. We're very orderly.

1024px 0147alices_justcigarettes

2. We all have compromised respiratory systems.

1024px 0148alices_justcigarettesagain

3. We smile, in secret.

1024px 0156alices_helloreggie

Alice lives in a narrow townhouse, nestled together with other narrow townhouses with that all used to look the same. They fill a tiny, irregular space between fancier gated communities, while clinging to the edge of an active faultline casually dividing Manila.
We're overdue for the earthquake, but I figure it will come at the right time.
Whenever that is.

1024px 0167alices_quietalice

She will be leaving sooner or later, like everyone I know. Many of them come back, but some do not.

1024px 0195alices_sheshomefornow

I find it strange that it's the nature of this city to force you to choose, whether you stay and get trapped, or go and get lost.

1024px 0198alices_shesleavingsoon

Something tells me I am trapped here, watching friends grow and leave, and return. I never felt like leaving.

1024px 0203alices_notebook

But- I know what it feels like to want to leave.

1024px 0228alices_thinking

There's just a difference between wanting, and having to. Maybe I never have to. Is there anything wrong with that?

1024px 0236alices_davidlashesforever

There are so many answers. It's just that none of them seem to be mine just yet.

1024px 0258alices_twoheads

Hello, Paul. Paul is quiet, except when he dances. I try to give him space when he does.

1024px 0298alices_hellopaul

I don't remember what we talked about. It's the problem with my inability to photograph conversations. I only remember the feeling.

1024px 0317alices_herhands

It felt warm, comfortable, but taunt.

1024px 0347alices_foreheadofreggie

It felt like we were the only ones awake in the world.

1024px 0349alices_foreheadofdavid

I love it, the feeling that you are alone together. It's so self-indulgent, so selfish, the kind of dirty thought that every group of friends privately nurses. "How great to be the only ones like this. No one is as complex as us!" Aren't we special. Aren't we. Aren't we?

1024px 0367alices_obviouslysomethingwassaid

Maybe. Who knows. Maybe not.

1024px 0415alices_winnerdinner


1024px 0420alices_unitednations

People think none of us eat. This is untrue. We just eat secretly.

1024px 0452alices_paulinthekitchen

Regina is planning a pasta night. It will be held here, at Alice's. We asked her what we could bring- she said anything except "that sweet spaghetti from Jollibee" and I am learning to love unconditionally.

1024px 0471alices_girlwiththeblackearrings

Some movie says love is an open door. I say it's a closed room, filled with people.

1024px 0518alices_unitedernations

Preferrably, people who smoke many, many cigarettes.

1024px 0519alices_davidsmokes

Preferrably, people who drink very nice drinks. San Miguel is nice. But Laphroaig is better.

1024px 0526alices_beerandlaphroaig

The point is that you do it together. I think the only thing you should do alone is- nothing. Maybe get a brazilian wax. Everything else is better with someone.

1024px 0536alices_shesmilestoo

David had to go out for a phone call. And since I have the memory of a goldfish, I figured, why not intrude on a private conversation, because all I'll be left with is photos!
There are no flaws to this logic.

1024px 0577alices_headingout

I literally remember nothing.

1024px 0586alices_phonecall

If you think ignorance is bliss, try forgetfulness.

1024px 0589alices_phonecallidk

And stay awake at night.

1024px 0598alices_davidflare

Let me try to be as un-poetic as possible. When the sun is out, it shines on everything. But at night, you have to see for yourself.

I tried.

1024px 0601alices_tungstenlights


1024px 0608alices_regina

She looks so hard, so dark, so angry. She isn't. But she tries, and I understand why.

1024px 0615alices_reginaflare

1024px 0623alices_meorsomeone

Back inside, they were talking.

1024px 0643alices_paulinside

1024px 0660alices_regaliceinside

We had to fetch some friends.

1024px 0695alices_makedampot

I love driving, so I always offer.

1024px 0715alices_reginthecar

Hello, Anna. David S.

1024px 0720alices_sorranna

David L! I never thought we'd end up here, having people with the same name, using their initials, like the Americans do. It warms my colonial minded heart. Hi Anna.

1024px 0731alices_getaway

Then, we were back at Alice's. Metro Manila had a density of 19,137 persons per square kilometer in 2010. Its average household was 4.6 persons. That night we were 8, because it's 2015.

1024px 0765alices_sorrannatalk


1024px 0778alices_weallsmokesorry

No comment.

1024px 0919alices_bastardsofmanila

David S.

1024px 0936alices_sorrentismile

Bruce and Anna are twins, by the way. I thought you should know.

1024px 0933alices_bruceandanna

1024px 0944alices_annalight

They actually aren't, but you believed me. I love having that power.

1024px 0953alices_thetwinsarealright

Believe me too when I say that we lost track of time, that some of us love each other, and that none of us were instantly friends when we met. At least I wasn't, with any of them. It's why I believe in those things that slowly become, instead of those things that suddenly are.

1024px 0960alices_lickorkiss

This year I lost friends. But I made new ones. And I kept strong ones. It's not an exchange, or a way life rebalances you. That cheapens what the purpose of what having friends means. Fuck your fucking squad goals. I don't have a squad. We are all holding onto each other to survive.

1024px 0972alices_davidissecretlysexy

Some of us survived til daylight. I thought we would burn, but there is a God after all and he is merciful.

1024px 0983alices_thesurvivors

Mornings breathe. And I said little, hardly anything. And they let me.

1024px 0987alices_thelook

I love people who let me stay the night, stay myself, or just stay. I love driving people home. I love the sunrise, because it's when I close my eyes, and wait.

[User Picture]From: woodycakes
2015-10-11 02:27 pm (UTC)
beautiful as always <3
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