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1/9/2015; bobby's - days go by — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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1/9/2015; bobby's [Jan. 21st, 2015 | 01:30 pm]

love and sex and loneliness
take what's yours and leave the rest

The past few nights have been colder than usual, and we've been out more than usual too. It feels good to just be out again, after hiding away over the holidays, now that old and new friends are here.

A new friend: Regina.

Her new hair. We walked around Fort after I went to see her, and it was dark and windy and perfect. A little too perfect, because

We then headed north to Cubao Z, where some old friends were.
David and Bobby are two friends I've known the longest- we were introduced in 2007, eight years ago, by my first love. I was very young, very thin, and passed out that night on Bobby's bed because I didn't smoke or drink and ended up doing both.
They saw me change, and I saw them stay the same.

The night started out quiet, but we knew ourselves well.



I'm not sure who started calling the place Cubao Z, but it's tucked away somewhere in Cubao, and you only hear of it at the right time.

It's a place for friends, especially a certain nighttime kind.

I think we did nothing.

A few restless hours later, we decided to go out, maybe.

But first, Bobby and Regina.

Bobby's back (for now) from Montreal or Berlin or wherever he hides for months at a time to teach very specialized things. Regina's settling into a new nighttime schedule of being out of the house and being with the worst company- us.
Obviously they love each other.

Anna just appeared. She's a m o d e l.

She really is- I photographed her months back on the beach somewhere. It was burning hot, and she was in sweaters. Fashion.

I think we're just such great people but don't take me seriously, that would be awful.


You do not see it, but Mike has a man-bun.

Things happened, and we were in my car driving, then waiting, then driving, then laughing, then wondering, then back.

We moved from Mike's place to Bobby's, because it was late, and early mornings make you talk about things.

I was Regina's ride home, and we were getting ready to leave at 4, but it was 5.

David and Bobby stayed, and we didn't see each other for days after. But that's what friends are.

My mom keeps telling me that the worst things happen at night because nobody sees, but I beg to differ.

[User Picture]From: kseenaa
2015-01-29 09:45 pm (UTC)
I have to disagree with your mother to. Nights are magical. I miss nights like that. I can't do them anymore now that I am a mother. But I used to. Gawd, I used to... And your photographs and friends are as stunning as always.
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