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5/13/2011; PFW day 4 - days go by [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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5/13/2011; PFW day 4 [May. 29th, 2011 | 06:05 pm]
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[Music |July for Kings - Normal Life]

do you want to live
do you want to live a normal life with me

Day 4 was when things finally began to pick up. My face really does reflect the changing times.

It was Friday, and more shows by bigger designers were happening. I excused myself from the VIP lounge and breathed in the sweet, sweet smell of freedom, which smells exactly like hairspray. Odd.


A model being sprayed with freedom.

Here's the thing, there were bouncers stationed at all the side and back entrances to backstage, and life, being mysterious, somehow gave them the orders to not let photographers in at random, and to kick them out before the shows started.
A tip: when the models start praying, your time is up, so leave before you're glared at.

That's what happened backstage at the Oxygen show, where I got to take one good photo backstage. Hi, Michelle!

Meanwhile, two of many sources of strength that day, like every day of Fashion Week: fresh from Greece Nissy and lovingly in need of a sandwich Anna.

I tried to hustle for a good position for the Oxygen show, because the clothes were promising and the Misshapes were spinning. So cool.

But some stank plaid shirted bitch out-hustled me. You will see her cameo once in awhile.
Prerequisite fashion shots start now. The clothes were... dark.

Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera watching beside me, and Pauline walking!

The Misshapes, whose cheekbones have the collective area of a regular sized umbrella. If it rains I will shelter under Leigh Lezark's.

Stank plaid bitch making a cameo, me making the most of it.

I went out the back of SMX to the loading bay with Marlon; his designs were part of the next show. He was also my advertising elective professor in UP, and really taught me everything I doubt about advertising.
He's a smart, thin, stylish, bespectacled man: the four things I want to be forever.

Back inside, setup for the Marlon Rivera and M Barretto show.

Andre Chang with Marlon and Dino.

Two reasons I fight for this job, Daniel Matsunaga and Hideo Muraoka.

Mr. Gerald Anderson, one of many reasons why ABS CBN is fucking rich.

Michelle and Gisselle!

Danica? I hope it's Danica. Hi!

AJ Dee, Enchong's more bearded brother. Speaking of Enchong. Actually, I won't.

Marc Nash? The Brazilian long lost brother of Marc Nash.

Luke Jickain? Note my waiver-like question marks.

Yeah, I got kicked out.

I went for the VIP lounge to do my job, and missed Marlon's show. But it was amazing.

From: otherjoseph
2011-05-29 04:41 pm (UTC)
I was! It was an amazing week, the photos show slivers of the experience :)

Thank you so much! Embarrassing: I heard it on Jam just a few days ago and texted myself the lyrics to remember! :))
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[User Picture]From: thefisieuxfiles
2011-05-29 11:13 pm (UTC)

Embarassing? NOT. 1) I heard this on Jam too, when I was still in high school 2) I also text (well, save it in the drafts folder) myself lyrics to cool songs I hear on the radio. Viva Jam 88.3! :))
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