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5/1/2012; the 1st Manila Music Fest - days go by [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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5/1/2012; the 1st Manila Music Fest [Jul. 29th, 2012 | 12:47 am]
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[Music |Pa Pa Power - Dead Man's Bones]

burn the streets, burn the cars
pa pa power pa pa power

Three months after attending the first Manila Music Fest, the photos are here! They're also in last month's Chalk Magazine, something I only remembered last night. Three months is also the memory span of a goldfish. I might have completely forgotten to post these, because the goldfish is my spirit animal.

The Manila Music Fest was organized by the same people who did the Malasimbo Music Fest in Puerto Galera a few months back. It was ambitious, successful, and unabashedly referential to a few indiecoolster music fests from abroad. The concept worked, and two years after the first Malasimbo, the first Manila Music Fest happened.

Karen, Toff and I arrived at the very edge of the reclamation area in Pasay. Toff wanted the fest covered for his lifestyle section in Chalk magazine, and Karen and I were writing and shooting it. It had been cloudy all day, and we'd see the not-so-distant Makati skyline disappear and reappear between thunderstorms just a few miles away.

But first, an insufficient roll call of people, People, people with personalities, and Personalities from that day:

Karen and her big gun, blue Bonn and red Rcxy.

Preview intern Amanda, and host for the day Sarah.

Marco, Jason, and Lexi.

Wolf shirt guy, and Lexi.

The no-need-for-a-link David Guison, and Patricia Prieto.

A group of people who then wanted a photo with me because I looked like a friend of theirs.

Half french Solenn looking for the other half of her Frenchness, and her brother Erwan and Mike C.

Culturally important dancers from a local group I recognize but can't remember (goldfish), and Mark Lim and a friend.

Between the main and second stage, pockets of dancing.

Meiday Mei Bastes and her light of her life x fire of her loins, and Mark Nicdao.

My hastily assembled outfit made up of oversized clothes meeting the last sharp pair of scissors in my house.

Girls who appear at every cultural and style event to be photographed and blogged about, and Status magazine's Patrick Jamora.

More dancing pockets! Or, to be grammatically correct, pockets of dancing.

Gio G taking back his big gun.

Toff and the only blue sky we saw that day.

Karen and her less ironic umbrella.

Backpacks inspired by tumblr.

Patricia and the best accessory to events like these, besides thinness: the media pass.

A very important tent.

A very diy endeavor.

Sandini on the right with her two friends.

The main stage. We had all prepared for sun and sunburn, but it was drizzly and pleasantly breezy the whole time. The crowd was also sparse, expected at the first time of anything.

Also, you're right with noticing that I'm not talking about the bands, or djs, or anything actually musical, because I didn't know any of them and until now feel that my life is still complete despite that.
I'd say the same for Toff and Karen, but they had articles to write, so maybe it's different.

I spotted my old college friend Don M, his lady, and their love nest.

And another pair of lovers, running from the second stage to the main one. So nice they paused mid-stride. People know their priorities.

As does this girl.

Marco! Lexi's brother! There was sunblock in my eye, and sand in the sunblock. Sorry.

Someone whose father owns something and part-organized the fest! Thank you!

I knew wolf shirt guy's shirt looked familiar, and I fished my own out of my bag. Serendipity.

Karen fulfilling her cotton candy dreams.

And her cotton candy quota.

More interesting shirts and backpacks.

Many of us would just go between the two stages and the projection in between. We did this for hours, but it was relaxing and felt generally- and pleasantly- like nothing.

Singer June Marieezy! That's all I know about her.

The best accessory of the event got us into the VIP area, which was the same as the regular area, except it had tables to put your stuff on, and chairs to put your butt on.

Mr. Mark Nicdao taking a break from ruling the industry.

What do you call it when you intentionally cause the photobomb?

I don't know, but Mark Nicdao photobombed Karen and I. Nobody has manners anymore.

Then, on my way to the bathroom for the first time that day, golden hour hit, and it hit the portalets and Mark Lim beautifully.

It also hit everything else.

Including Jason and Lexi, and a sneaky girl whom I recognize but can't remember. Again.

Cotton candy lighting.

There's something in that love nest, Don.

The crowd had picked up nicely without getting festival-sweaty. Nice.

Someone had played Twister. Very nice.

I found Gio just in time. Golden hour lasts about twenty minutes in lower latitudes. Sometimes it lasts fifteen. Or ten. It's a hard life.

Artists were given blank spaces between the two stages to paint, and many of them were finishing up.

Toff, Karen and I headed to the second stage, because the music was getting good, and not all rock and rolly like the main stage. It was slower, more electronic, and fitting for the hour.

At the edge of the grounds, a taco truck. Very SoCal.



Then, we waited for the music.

One last shot of Rc before it got too dark and he disappeared, along with most people, into the other people.

The sets started at the second stage.

You can't ever photograph music. But sometimes you can get an idea of what it was like.


The team.

Mark and Miss Georgina.


Miss Mei.

With Toff and Gabby!


Carlos C!


Us with the art.

Miss Megan Young!

Mr. Mik Daez!


Patricia and her gorgina wilson friends.

A guy with plastic on his head commenting that he loved my Survivor headband. The odds of that happening again are incalculable.

Come mister dj.

Song pon de replay.

Mister dj won't you turn the music up.

But the whole thing was too good to play Rihanna, so that song obviously didn't play.

Instead it was red lights and thumping and moving like I hadn't done in awhile.

It was pretty amazing.

Hi Patricia!

And Amanda!

The next djs were just as good, but my memory wasn't.
This dj was British. That's all I know. Good luck with the Olympics and everything!

Back at the main stage, rock groups were tearing things up! So I heard!

I spotted Feanne, an old friend, with some new moves.

And another lady with moves of her own. The music was nonstop since night fell.

Spotted, Rica F!

Bradley V!

Another mister dj at the main stage, and he played I Wish by by Skee-Lo so he had my heart.

Music music music.

Back at the second stage, it was Katrina Razon playing mostly to a few of us who had gone back. Her set was stunning and underrated.

She goes by Katsunami, and does her thing sometimes in some places in the metro. Look for her. She's great.

The few of us there were caught in the alien abduction lighting. Hi Kix!

An un-abductable Karen.

Back at the main stage, the next big acts were lining up and some of those dancers from earlier in the day came on.

Setup took awhile but Sarah showed why she was the top vj for so long, ad libbing for over half an hour and keeping us up til the music started.

And it did.

This guy spinned.

This guy emceed.

There was more dancing and Instagram.

And even more dancing.

We left in the middle, close to 2am, and everything was still crazy. The experience was tiring and amazing. 12 hours of music for about a thousand pesos.
It will be the 2nd Manila Music Fest next year, and I'm going no matter what.

From: otherjoseph
2012-07-29 08:30 am (UTC)
It was a win-win! I didn't expect such an event to ever really happen, but seeing it happen.. crazy!
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